About the Band


Wattle & Daub

When Wattle & Daub come to the stage, their genuine affection and humor are infectious. Whether it's Susan rolling her eyes at one of Tim's awkward chord changes or their knowing glances at each other during a love song, their goal is to get their listeners involved in the music, and yes, that often means a hearty invitation to sing along with them.

Their name comes from a centuries old construction method. In describing how they decided on the name during a road trip, they wrote:

"We saw this country and its beauty. We thought of how immigrants from all over the world, of different races and different beliefs have come to help build this nation, to weave it together, to strengthen it. We thought of how our own relationship is growing and weaving together. We believe in the country and in each other. We are making music. We are building our lives. We want the nation to grow. We think the process is simple. All we need is some Wattle & Daub."

Susan and Tim Mocarski met in the fall of 2013 at an open mic in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Tim was performing. A few months later, they sang their first song together, and they've been singing and writing songs together ever since. Married in the fall of 2016, they are devoted to keeping the folk music tradition alive and encouraging their audiences to sing along. Struggles and Love, is their first album.